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A spice is a dry seed which is primarily used for flavouring the food products whose usage have been changed from few decade and now it has expended to the broad market of asia, europe, africa etc..many spice item have antimicrobial properties which means more infectious disease so it is necessary to understand deadly profile of the food product. 

To rectify the above problem of antimicrobial properties in the spice product, we sterilise spices to control micro contamination in spices to required levels and are under going in to the continue process of fumigation all of are warehouses on regular basis by the best team of pest control so that we can preserve the seed and can used in the regular processing of cleaning and sorting.

On regular basis we are sending all of our finished goods to one of the best laboratories at our place which is well equipped to test all the main parameters of spice i.e. physical, chemical & microbiological.

The supreme quality of the products and prompt delivery of the goods to the clients maintaining the international quality standards has helped the firm to gain high market share even in this competitive age.