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Technology & Process

The technology and process we use are as fallows

Step 1 : Raw spices / seeds recieved and procurred from the market are putted in to the hopper, passed through drum sieves to seperate coarse impurities such as straw particles, string, paper, pieces of wood etc.

Step 2 : Spices / seeds free from the coarse impurities are to be stored in Silos and fed to intermediate seperator through a closed conveyor.

Step 3 : To remove the dust from the material , air is blown in the intermediate seprator.

Step 4 : Seprator classifier with oscillating sieves removes husk.

Step 5 : Permanent magnet block, lift out type for removing exracted ferrous metal material.

Step 6 : spices / seeds free from coarse impurities dust, husk, ferrous, metal, and further processed in destoner to seperator heavy admixtures, especially fine stones from the material.

Step 7 : Destoned spices / seeds are transferred to gravity seprator to remove fine husk.

Step 8 : Spices/ seeds recieved from the Gravity Seprator are passed through colour sorted machine at a predetermined flow rate.

Step 9 : Accept available from colour sortex machine taken in to big Silos with the help of Elevators and than finally packed for export.

Step 10 : Reject is automatically fed back to DIS- SYSTEM for Resorting and final rejection is again send back to silos for storing.